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We offer a wide range of trainings concerning film processing as well as making the right choice while matching the film to the product. Our specialists are ready to share their knowledge with you, which will definitely bring you benefits. The trainings are organised not only for the employees working on packaging machines, but also for the ones from the supply and sale department. The knowledge transferred during the trainings relates to the following topics: 


  • polymer structure
  • film production
  • film processing
  • selection of a proper film for a particular product

Service and provision of advice

We offer a diligent sales service (provision of advice), as well as an after-sales support service (service). Both services are realised within the territory of the whole Europe. Our experienced employees will adjust a proper packaging to a given product in compliance with Good Packaging Parctice.

The DTP studio

We offer the services of the DTP Projects studio. New packaging design is not a problem for us. Before we print anything, the text to be printed is confirmed by a digital proof each and every time. Those clients who want to have anything printed are always provided with comprehensive services. Starting from the idea itself and finishing with the ready-made packaging.

Examination of foil composition

Do you ask yourself a question ‘what material is my packaging made of’? We solve such problems. Due to a state-of-the-art laboratory, we will check the packaging composition, and we will provide you with answers.


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