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HEAN OPAKOWANIA offers the following low, medium, and high barrier laminates: OPA/PE, OPA/PP, PA/PE, PET/PE, PET/PE/EVOH/PE of thickness varying from 32µM to 182µM.


We offer the following laminates:

  • transparent
  • metallized
  • with an interlayer or surface print 8+1 colours
  • antifog film, EVOH, PEEL, matte


Laminates to be used while MAP packaging or laminates to be used for preservative-free goods include EVOH which creates an almost full barrier against both gases and aromas.


We have also prepared laminates for the cosmetic industry. The laminates are resistant to liquid detergents. The laminates are used while packaging liquid soap or paint with the use of BOSSAR and MESPACK packaging machines.

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